ADF Members CVs

Abbas Orabi
Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University.

Member of:

  • Egyptian Society of Diabetes.
  • International Diabetic Federation.
  • Mediterranean Group of Study of Diabetes.
  • Arab Group for the Study of Diabetes.
  • American Diabetic Association.
  • DESG (Diabetes European Study Group)
  • Sharkia Endocrinology and Diabetes Association
Author of the series Notes on Internal Medicine (3 editions)
Published author and researcher in many National and International magazine on the study of Diabetes and its Complication

Ashraf Okba
Professor of internal medicine Ain Shams University

Cairo , Egypt
94 Mohamed farid st. Abdeen

Societies Memberships

  • Member in the American diabetes association (ADA)
  • Member in the European association for the study of diabetes (EASD)
  • Member in the European society of cardiology (ESC)
  • Member in the European society of hypertension (ESH)
  • Member in the Egyptian society of cardiology

Eman Ahmed Rushdy
  • Professor of Internal Medicine , Cairo University
  • Consultant of Internal Medicine , Diabetes Mellitus and Endocrinology in Cairo University hospitals and New Kasr ElAini hospital
  • Consultant of Internal Medicine , Diabetes and Endocrinology in Elshrook and El nakhil hospitals
  • Consultant of vascular lab (Doppler and Echocardiography techniques and microcirculation studies ) of Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit of Kasr ElAini hospital .
  • Panel physician for the American Embassy Immigrants

Additional professional activities

  • Shared as a speaker in many national medical conferences.

Professional memberships

  • Membership of vascular unit ,Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit, Cairo University
  • Membership of Egyptian Society of Obesity.
  • Membership of Family Medicine department Cairo University

Hala Aly Gamal El Din
  • Professor in Dept. Of Internal Medicine , Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University since June 2006 till now
  • Consultant in Endocrinology & Diabetes Outclinic Cairo University Hospitals
  • Membership in the Egyptian Society Of Endocrinology Metabolism & Diabetes
  • Membership in the Egyptian Society Of Hypertention
  • Assistant Director in the Specialised Manial Hospital (2004 – 2008 )
  • Consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetes in the Specialised Manial Hospital
  • Consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetes in New Teaching Kasr El Einy Hospital
  • Consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetes in Dar El Fouad Hopital since 2004
  • Consultant of Endocrinology and Diabetes in El Wadi Hospital since January 2009
  • Membership of EASD
  • Conference moderator in many conferences in Egypt since2007
  • Attending many workshops & conferences worldwide

Mohamed Ali Eltom

Education and positions:

  • 1970-75 Graduate, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum
  • 1977-80 Senior House Officer in Medicine, South Gwent Area Health Authority, United Kingdom
  • 1984 Thesis for Doctor of Medicine (PhD), Uppsala University under title: Endemic goitre in Sudan
  • 1984 Specialist in Internal Medicine,Sweden.
  • 1987 Specialist in Endocrinology, Sweden
  • 1987-2003 Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist, Omdurman Teaching Hospital, Omdurman, Sudan
  • 1994-98 Research and Clinical Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine,University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
  • 2004-04 Professor of Medicine, Ahfad University

Research Activities:

  • 45 published papers (38 original published in international journals) mainly in the fields of thyroidology, iodine deficiency disorders and diabetes.
    Current fields of study are organization of diabetes care and health system.

Expert tasks and leadership:

  • 1973-75 President of the Sudanese-Swedish Frienship Association, University of Khartoum
  • 1974-76 Editor, Elhakim Medical Students Journal, Khartoum
  • 1982-84 Vice- president of Swedish Friendship Association, Stockholm.
  • 1987-91 General Manager, Endemic goitre Control Project
  • 1995-2003 President of Sudanese Swedish Friendship Association, Khartoum
  • 1996-2000 Secretary General Sudanese Association of Physicians.
  • 1996-2003 Vice-president of Sudanese Diabetes Association.
  • 1996-2003 National Co-ordinator, National Diabetes Program, Federal, Ministry of Health, Sudan.
  • 2004 -08 Ambassador of Sudan to Norway, Denmar , Finland and Iceland resident in Oslo
  • 2008-10 Director General, General Directorate of Planning, Research and Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Sudan
  • 2008 Managing Director, Blue Nile Medical Training Center,Khartoum 2008- President, Diabetes Care Promotion Organization,Sudan
  • 2009 Secretary General, Sudan Diabetes Association
  • 2010 Speciacial Adviser to Federal Minister of Health for External Relations

Nabil El Kafrawy
Prof. of internal medicine and diabetes.
Faculty of medicine Menoufieya University

Memberships of medical society

  • Egyptian society of diabetes.
    diabetes federation.
    group for study of diabetes.
    group for study of diabetes.
    of Egyptian Association of cardiology.
    of Egyptian Association of hypertension.
  • Member of the board Egyptian union of study of diabetes. (2001-2008) (branch of IDF)
  • 8-Member of the board of Arab group of study diabetes (2000-2002)

Main interests in Research

  • Insulin resistance and clamp studies
  • Diabetes heart interrelationships.
  • Epidemiology of diabetes and diabetic complications in Egypt.
  • Diabetes and chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

Other Academic Duties:

  • Head of diabetes unit Menoufieya University (2004 -2006). 6 conferences of diabetes and metabolism of the internal medicine department Menoufieya University (2000-2007).
  • Organizer and speaker of different training courses for doctors and nurses belonging to Egyptian union of study of diabetes EUSD (branch of IDF).
  • Organizer and speaker of workshops for patient health education belonging to EUSD (branch of IDF).
  • Speaker and chairperson in different national conferences.
  • Speaker in different programs of continuous medical education for many international companies as Novonordisk, Sanofi Aventis, MSD, Eli Lilly ,Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies.
  • Accepted 3 papers in IDF conference Paris 2005.
  • Main investigator of different international post marketing trails belonging to different international pharmaceutical companies.

Yehia. M. Ghanem
Prof. of Internal Medicine and Diabetes Alexandria University Hospitals

Memberships of Medical Societies :

  1. Egyptian Society of Diabetes.
  2. International Diabetic Federation.
  3. Mediterranean Group of Study of Diabetes.
  4. Arab Group for the Study of Diabetes.
  5. American Diabetic Association.
  6. DESG (Diabetes European Study Group)